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We are the Tulsa Floor Care experts. Woods swells when its moisture content rises above 30%. High humidity will cause it to expand. Wide boards will show more movement than narrower boards because of greater expansion across the board and grain, rather than length.


Cupping refers to the edges of a board rising above its center. Humidity, spilled water or leaks rising up from the basement cause swelling, resulting in warped edges. You can reverse cupping by reducing humidity, stopping leaks and letting the wood dry out on its own or using fans to help. In more severe cases, you may have to refinish the floor. Our Tulsa Floor Care experts want to catch this problem before it gets worse.


In contrast to cupping, crowning refers to the middle of the board rising higher than the edges. Moisture on the surface of the floor can cause crowning.


Flooding can cause a wood floor to buckle, an extreme reaction to moisture. The floor actually pulls away from the subfloor by as much as a few inches. Any type of water or moisture is bad for your floors.


Tulsa Floor Care staff knows that wood will naturally expand and contract with seasonal changes, as well as from interior heating and cooling. This commonly results in minor cracking, cupping and crowning and does not typically indicate severe moisture problems.

This is what water damage can do to wood floors.


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