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Flooring Consultation

We have amazing Tulsa Flooring Services.  The first thing we start with is a flooring consult.  We sit down with you at your home or office to find out what you need to have done. If you need a floor repaired or refinished, we’ll go over what we will do for you. If you are wanting a new floor, we’ll sit down with you to find out what you like and what would work in the area you want your new flooring to be.  We bring samples and can answer any questions you have about aesthetics, design, floor care, and the process of installation.

To schedule a flooring consult right now, call 918-830-2112.


We first put down a moisture barrier. We then attach 5/8″ or 3/4″ plywood to the slab. Then we place felt over the plywood as the second moisture barrier. Finally, we “rack” or arrange the wood flooring. Then we nail the wood floor into the plywood.
After the wood has acclimated to the home’s humidity levels and temperature for 3-4 weeks, we let the wood acclimate so that it can do all its moving before we sand and stain it. We then come back and sand the floor. After sanding, we stain the floors and apply three coats of polyurethane, which is more than most other flooring contractors. You will love our Tulsa Flooring Services.


Repairs depend on each customer’s situation. Most of our repairs involve pulling unwanted boards and replacing them. When water leaks occur we cut out the wood floor and sub floor, we use commercial fans to dry out the areas, let the areas fully dry, then we perform our usual installation process. We replace the moisture barrier, then lay down plywood, followed by felt paper, and finally lay and nail the desired wood flooring. After the new wood flooring is down, we go through our finishing phase. We sand the re-installed wood, stain the wood, apply the first and second coats of polyurethane, buffing the wood and finally applying our final polyurethane coat. In some circumstances, tearing out of flooring is not necessary. Sometimes the damaged wood areas can be re-sanded, stained and coated with polyurethane without having to tear out and replace wood.


We also have refinishing as one of our Tulsa Flooring Services. When refinishing an existing wood floor. We then use the Hummel sander to get the wood floor back to it’s raw state. We place sample colors directly on the raw wood floor so the home owner can point to the exact color they want their floor to be. We do this to insure the customer likes the stain color on their floor in their home, not just trying to pick a color off of a color wheel and hoping it is what they want. We then stain the floor, let the stain dry and apply the first coat of polyurethane. The polyurethane takes about 12 hours to dry. We follow up with a second coat of polyurethane. We then buff the floor with a buffer to eliminate any wood splinters to prepare for the final polyurethane coat. The fine dust from the buffer is then vacuumed up and the final coat of polyurethane is applied.

Custom Re-Models

We do and have done many re-models. We have a property company, CJ Properties. We can take a house that is disarray and put it back together to become a dream home. We have sold 5 flip/remodeled homes in the last year. Mostly gutting the houses and putting back everything brand new. New hardwoods, expanded and tiled showers and bathrooms, new kitchen cabinets and appliances, new electric and plumbing, new Sheetrock, paint, furnishings to stage the homes, etc… Whatever a newer or older home needs remodeled, we can make it happen.


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