Best Tulsa Flooring- Home Décor

Best Tulsa Flooring- Home Décor

Best Tulsa Flooring- You’ll probably come to that time in your life where you move out of your parent’s home and move into your own place. This is when you have to decorate and fill the new empty space with new furniture and life memories.

There are 7 simple decorating features and guidelines when moving into your first place or a new home to start a new adventure in life.

  1. Picture frames tell a story. Picture frames throughout your new home is a must. This will bring back old memories made with friends and family, but also bring about new memories to come by adding more throughout the time in your new home. You can place them on tables, on a featured wall or underneath a glass table-top. There are so many creative ways to display pictures, the possibilities are endless.
  2. Bigger is better. Sometimes you’ll have a space that seems too big for your liking. This could be floor space or a wall that doesn’t have anything attached to it. In this circumstance, you can make this space one of the best featured spots in your home. You could simply add a large clock that takes up a third of wall or fill the empty space with a larger piece of furniture with hanging light fixtures.
  3. Everything is better in color. If you’re more of a neutral tones decorator, that’s okay. It’s just best to add a little pop of color to the room in order to tie it all together. This pop of color doesn’t have to be bright, but just slightly different or totally opposite from the main theme. You can add the pop of color with little decorations such as vases, picture frames or a statement furniture piece.
  4. Entry ways are the first that everyone sees when they enter your home. Your new home needs to be welcoming. To welcome family and friends into your home, the entry way needs a touch of love. This could come from a cute little end table surrounded by knickknacks, flowers and a hanging picture frame above it or maybe a statue or larger potted plant. Bring life into your home!
  5. Carpet versus hard wood Tulsa flooring. Carpets are great for decorative purposes with area rugs or a carpet in the living room to add a comfort effect. But, the best Tulsa flooring with hardwood makes a home cozier and more up to date. Hardwood flooring by the best Tulsa flooring makes for a better home and you’re still able to place an accent rug on top of it. Keep it simple and rip up those carpets and expose as much hardwood best Tulsa flooring as you can.
  6. Old is the new black. Break out those old vinyl records, antiques and anything that has value, but is stored in a box in your attic. These type of items can make for some of the best statement pieces throughout your new home. Even though these have older value and looks, it brings different vibes and feelings into a space. Display them on the wall, a cabinet or make them the showstopper piece in a room.
  7. Bringing life into your home. This includes plants, flowers, rocks and by means nature. Bringing the outside indoors displays life in your new home and it’s a great way to change out for newer plants and flowers every so often. Not to mention, these nature qualities bring in a hint of colors to your space.

There are various ways to decorate a new space that you’ve newly moved into, but these are some of the main features and guidelines to live by.

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