Oaktree Flooring-Chalkboard Paint

Oaktree Flooring-Chalkboard Paint

Oaktree Flooring- Who would have thought chalkboard would make a comeback?

This is the newer trend to set within your home or office. Instead of the traditional chalkboards that weigh a good amount, there is a paint that acts like a chalkboard.

Chalkboard paint is a fun, new way of displaying art, drawings or words. This paint can be used on a variety of surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, masonry and drywall. It’s very easy to erase or clean with just soap and water. This type of paint is made up of latex with a low odor, and dries within 30 minutes. It provides a smooth finished look that is perfect to use for chalk lovers.

There are many useful and creative ways to display the chalkboard paint throughout your home.

The kitchen is a trending place to use the chalkboard. You can simply paint the exterior of the appliances such as the refrigerator. This will allow the kids to draw pictures and allows you to write stuff down to remember. Another place in the kitchen to use the paint is the side of the island. Painting the side of the island can make for an abstract piece in the room with enabling you to write side notes on it or welcoming someone to your home.

More spaces in the kitchen to paint could be floor-to-ceiling cabinets. If the cabinets sit alone on a specific wall, this look will act as a gallery of individual drawings for each cabinet. You could also write the main word vertically that represents what is inside of each cabinet. As for what’s inside the cabinets, you could choose to paint the inside doors. This can keep groceries on track without displaying them for everyone to see.

If you’re looking for a bold statement piece, you can paint a whole wall. This can act as an accent wall in your space. Strategically painting the wall behind something to make it of use is key. A great example is painting the wall that a desk is on. This will allow for a homemade calendar, notes and to-do lists. For a calendar, you could also paint the side of a tall piece of furniture that sits in your kitchen or living room. This will allow you to make changes in a flash with some creativity as well.

For smaller scale, the chalkboard wall can be painted onto a smaller objects. These smaller objects can obtain a name on a jar. Using the paint as labels for different jars is a neat way to display what is inside of the jars. This way you’re able to change it with a simple erase if you need to.

Chalkboard paint can be incorporated into your home to add pizzazz and character. Some homes choose to for the smaller objects like the labels on the jar or the calendar. Others choose to make chalkboard paint stand out and paint a whole accent wall within their space.

Make your space fun and most importantly be creative.

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