Oaktree- Wood and Metal

Do you ever watch home shows such as HGTV and wish you had furnishings and rooms like the ones they create? There are simple ways to adding pizzazz and spunk to your home, like they do on TV. There are different routes you can take whether you like neutral colors and subtle patterns or stand-out pieces and vibrant colors. By mixing mediums of woods and metals, Oaktree believes this to be one of the hottest trends.

Wood has the fibrous structure to it coming from the stems and roots of the tree. Depending on the tree or woody plants, the wood will give various eye-appealing components. This great essential found in the woods or your backyard is used for a lot of furnishings within your home, with also being one of the main structural facets of your home that enables it to keeping standing.

Within a home, wood is used for hardwood flooring, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, coffee tables, bedroom furniture and more. Along with the different elements the wood gives off, it comes in many shades and tones. Some are appear tree-like and others stained to a very dark cherry to a painted white plank. The different shades and elements set the vibe of your home.

The contrasting item of metal makes for a rustic feel within a home. Depending on which woods you choose with what metals, will set the mood throughout your home. Lighter wood paired with lighter metal will give the home a sunlit feeling. Darker wood and dull metal will give the home a rustic and farm-like presence. It also will give off different perspectives throughout the home through the choice of wall color, rugs and more textured decor.

Opposed to wood, metal has the features of shiny, pressed and flashy. Combining the two elements can either make a warm feeling such as a cabin or a brightened area such as a beach house.

A couple great ideas to use throughout your home would be maintaining lighter hardwood flooring that has some white tints. Along with this type of hardwood flooring, you could pair it with a metal copper dresser. Using warmer colors of mustard yellow, browns and greens will give off a rustic feel. You could also go for a different vibe by choosing bright reds and tans to present a more vibrant and modern look.

Moving onto the kitchen, using wood in this area is the most common. Most people tend to lean toward the over sized farm table with brushed metal chairs. The newest trend in the kitchen is to use plain wood counter tops with a stainless steel island or simply wooden cabinets all around with a subtle recycled counter top and adding the stainless steel island in the middle for prepping. The possibilities are endless.

Mixing these two elements within a home can show different vibes all over the home. It will all depend on color, decor and the shades of hardwood flooring you choose. If it’s not flooring, using diverse aspects of wood and metals in various methods throughout your home will change the atmosphere. Whether it be flooring or cabinetry to wall hangings and fixtures, these two pair very well.

Incorporating wood and metal within a home is the hottest trend today.

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