Tulsa Flooring- Repairs & More

Tulsa Flooring- Repairs & More

The Tulsa flooring company can do a couple different services to your floors. We are able to install your flooring, refinish it, repair it and custom re-models. Whatever you’re looking into, we can surely take care of you at Tulsa flooring.


If you’re in need of an installation for floors, we are your people. Tulsa flooring lays down a moisture barrier at first before laying down the floor to make sure moisture doesn’t creep into the floors at any point. The next step is the plywood layer on top of that. This layer protects and help lay the wood Tulsa flooring better. The hardwood floors get nailed into the plywood in order to keep it stationary. It has to be in humidity levels and temperatures for weeks, so it can acclimate before sanding and staining. This will help keep the floors stay and last longer for your personal use.


After your Tulsa flooring has been laid and installed by the professionals, you may need a revisit for a refinish. Refinishing can really polish up an older wood floor. We refinish the floor by sanding it back down a bit back to its raw state and then finish it off with the exact same color stain from before. The stain is able to soak into the floor for that nice new look and has a drying period of at least 12 hours. Once this is done, we’ll come back and fine dust the floor from any splinters or dust. Finally, add the final coat of polyurethane to give it that glossy look.


Repairs are another service that the Tulsa flooring company offers. Repairs aren’t necessary, but to the customer’s situation and needs. It’s more of a preference for the customer if they think they need a repair on their wood flooring. Some of the repairs we’ve done have been pulling old wooden boards from the floor and replacing them. Sometimes water will leak and we’ll need to get in there and remove it as well. After repairs, we’ll go in and re-install the wood that is removed, stain it and lay it down properly just like the first time you got your hardwood flooring installed. It can be a process, but you want your floors perfect and to be stable for your household.


The final service that Tulsa flooring offers is custom re-models. What is this you ask? Custom re-models are basically flipped houses. Houses that are disarray and need some love to them, we do that. We partner with CJ Properties and help flip homes and get their flooring back to brand new shape. We can do new hardwood, tiled floor, showers, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets and more. Together we bring an older home to life again that looks brand new.


If you’re in need of a new flooring service, repair or any of the other services, Tulsa flooring would be glad to be your professionals.


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