Tulsa Hardwood Floors- Cooking in 2015

What’s cooking this 2015? Kitchens are where families spend the most time. This is one of the most important rooms in the house. You prepare food, wash dishes, cook meals and make memories in the kitchen. Being the social hub in the home next to the living room, providing a large enough space with all the right qualities will have gossip levels rise. Tulsa hardwood floors will guide you through the latest trends in 2015 for your gourmet kitchen.

Within the kitchen, the latest trend is to present an open and airy shelving rather than closed cabinet space. Before you would want to hide all your cups and dishes, but now the new trend is to expose your dishes, cups and saucers out for everyone to see. The open shelf concept will warm up the kitchen making it feel more open. This also gives you the opportunity to display some of your favorite dishes and mugs.

Open concept has become a very popular way to lay out the kitchen. The kitchen is able to flow into the next room or two by viewing everything from that one space. Knocking down walls and creating that open space will make a larger space and workable layout. The plan of design changes for the kitchen and living space that it is opened up to. Furniture is able to be more comfortable along with the warm Tulsa hardwood floors spreading throughout the two rooms.

Another trend that is coming back to the market in a strong approach is wallpaper. Wallpaper hasn’t been a favorite of many because it’s hard to remove after it’s applied to the wall. The newest and innovated way to use wallpaper is by complementing current design and themes within that space. Pick a wall and decide to accent it with a wallpaper design.

Modern meets traditional. This is a huge icon in the kitchen world. Using different materials of wood, metal, marble and glass will make for the ultra-sleek design. This gives off a warm and inviting vibe to your friends and family. The woods bring in the warm feel and the cooler aspects of the metals and glass will tie together the modern look.

Black is back. Black used to be frowned upon in a kitchen in the past couple years because it’s dark and doesn’t brighten up the kitchen space. You’re able to bring black back, but in smaller accented qualities. The beautiful color can bring together a sleek and elegant vibe. This happens when you have white kitchen cabinets, but make the cabinets above and under the oven pop by painting them black.

Kitchens are the centerpiece to a home. They have prevailed over living rooms and family rooms over the past couple years due to the newest inventions and attractions. The openness of a room will draw people’s attention to this room and the fact that it serves food.

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