Wood Floor Tulsa- Clean Floors

Once a week, you probably dread cleaning you floors or cleaning in general. Pets and children do not make this process any easier. It can get aggravating with the pet hair everywhere and children’s toys and clothes thrown all over the place. Wood Floor Tulsa has a few tips on how to clean your floors when having children and pets within your home and times to clean them.

If you don’t stay on top of things, such as cleaning your floors, you may have unwanted guests added onto the pets and children invading your home. Don’t let that happen to you and use these couple tips from Wood Floor Tulsa to keep up with your floor cleaning.

The one thing to keeping a floor clean for longer periods of time is to keep hair picked up off the floor. This means keeping your children’s hair, your hair and the pet’s hair off the floors as often as every other day. You can do this by taking a damp paper towel to the floor or using a Swiffer to eliminate unwanted hair. For your pet’s sake, you could brush their fur coats and keep them tamed like you do yourself.

Eating in only designated eating areas will keep the food crumbs in one place. You don’t want to accidentally step onto crumbs in the bedroom or living room. Eating is supposed to happen at a table with chairs. This way you’ll only have to clean up food particles in your kitchen your dining areas. Along with the eating tip, for children you should only let them throughout the house with only water. Allowing them to carry juice or milk in a sippy cup can get messy and left in places you won’t find until weeks later. You won’t find it until it smells.

Shoes is another huge tip to give to house owners, in order to keep those floors clean daily. Make sure your children or their friends are removing their shoes at the door or in the mud room. This will keep all unwanted dirt, mud and whatever else would be sticking to their shoes, out of your main floor areas. If you forget to take your shoes off, you may have to start your cleaning earlier in the week than you thought. Even yet, you may have to call in a professional to get your Wood Floor Tulsa taken care of.

Last tip is to give your children weekly chores to partake in. This will lessen your clean load and disperse it among your house. Your children can simply Swiffer each of their bathrooms, bedrooms and powder rooms in the house. You can be responsible for the main areas that everyone sees. Along with cleaning, children should pick up their toys and place them where they belong after play time. This will eliminate the possibility of stepping on plastic toy. This goes for animal toys as well.

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