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Lake house build cherry hand scaled floors (9)

We first put down a moisture barrier. We then attach 5/8″ or 3/4″ plywood to the slab. Then we place felt over the plywood as the second moisture barrier. Finally, we “rack” or arrange the wood flooring.

Handscraping Floor / Staircases
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We have amazing Tulsa Flooring Services.  The first thing we start with is a flooring consult.  We sit down with you at your home or office to find out what you need to have done.

Lake house build cherry hand scaled floors (5)

We also have refinishing as one of our Tulsa Flooring Services. When refinishing an existing wood floor. We then use the Hummel sander to get the wood floor back to it’s raw state.

Oak Tree Flooring Hand scraping process (6)

Repairs depend on each customer’s situation. Most of our repairs involve pulling unwanted boards and replacing them. When water leaks occur we cut out the wood floor and sub floor, we use commercial fans to dry out the areas,

Custom Re-Models
Lake house build cherry hand scaled floors (9)

We do and have done many re-models. We have a property company, CJ Properties. We can take a house that is disarray and put it back together to become a dream home. We have sold 5 flip/remodeled homes in the last year.