Hardwood Floor Repair

Looking for a Tulsa Hardwood Floor Repair Company?

We are the Tulsa Hardwood Floor Repair experts in the area.

The Tulsa Hardwood Floor Repairs that we would recommend would depend on each customer’s situation. Most of our repairs involve pulling unwanted boards and replacing them. When water leaks occur we cut out the wood floor and sub floor, we use commercial fans to dry out the areas. After we let the areas fully dry we then perform our usual installation process. Our Tulsa Hardwood Floor Repair professionals replace the moisture barrier, then lay down plywood, followed by felt paper. After all of this we finally lay and nail the desired wood flooring that matches your current look.

After the new wood flooring is down, Our Tulsa Hardwood Floor Repair experts go through our finishing phase. This means we sand the re-installed wood, then we stain the wood, then apply the first and second coats of polyurethane, buffing the wood and finally applying our final polyurethane coat.

Our goal is to make our customers happy. Because of this, in some circumstances, tearing out of flooring is not necessary. Many Tulsa Hardwood Floor Repair companies would probably recommend removing the flooring because that gives them more money. We do not work that way. We understand that people don’t have extra money to use on home projects so we will inspect everything and sometimes the damaged wood areas can be re-sanded, stained and coated with polyurethane without having to tear out and replace wood.

You can trust that we are honest with you with every project we work on because we want you as a customer for life.

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