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Best Tulsa Flooring DIY Home Improvements

The best Tulsa flooring company wants to help you with some DIY Home improvements. Are you looking to revamp your old home and make it new? Whether you are about to sell your home or just want that modern and clean appeal, here are some great tips.

Starting off with brightening up your home, the color white is refreshing and illuminating. You can easily paint the baseboards white to add brightness, while getting rid of that unfinished wooden baseboard from the 1970s. This will also enhance the best Tulsa flooring. More and more people are using neutral tones such as tan, beige and lighter colors. Adding a simple coat of white paint to your kitchen cabinets can turn them from drab to fab. Stepping into wall paper, this seems to be making a comeback. Choosing a featured wall with the selected wallpaper draws the eye towards that specific room. A simple paint coat or featured wall will take your home from 1970 into 2015.

Storage areas and small spaces in the house seem get neglected. Closets, small pantries and laundry rooms are prime examples. Within your laundry space, you can simply add above head shelving with baskets. This space will free up clutter and make items more accessible. In a home, storage is most important because everything needs its own place. Closets accumulate clutter the most. Get rid of that ugly, wire shelving that is placed in most apartment complexes. Refurbish this with wooden shelving and chrome bars to hang clothing for a more updated appearance.

Connecting with the clean look, adding DIY crown molding updates and finishes a room’s overall look. Crown molding isn’t for everyone, but today it is the most wanted feature on HGTV. Applying these DIY project will draw attention to future buyers. These updates will save the future residents’ time and money.

If you are looking for an even simpler fix, you can change your light fixtures, smaller furniture and knobs to cabinets. Updating light fixtures can easily be replaced. Switching out the old chandelier with a modern or industrial light fixture changes the whole mood to a room. Interchanging smaller furniture within a room mixes up the vibe and feeling. Mismatching modern items with antique items gives a room a rustic or industrial look. A quick and easy upgrade are the knobs to your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. Starting with an older, circular marble knob enables you to switch out those with chrome or bar-like knobs. Fixing small items within your home can jazz it up without having to redo the entire space.

Another way to revamp your old home to looking new and fresh, is by adding curb appeal. Nobody wants to see an ugly house, yet alone go inside of that ugly home. Simple ways to add curb appeal to an old home are simple. A little paint job to your front door builds that welcoming feature to your curb appeal. You can also add paint or stain to your porch by giving it life again. One more simple way by jazzing up your curb appeal is by landscaping around your home. People want to see fresh cut, green grass and flowers.

These are just quick, noncomplex weekend jobs that will spruce up your home inside and out.

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